Our ETA:
Faster than everyone else.

Puhl connects stranded drivers with the closest help possible for a fast, convenient roadside experience.


At PUHL we’re not reinventing the wheel, just your experience of roadside service. We’ve put to work twenty years of industry insider experience and modernized today’s roadside assistance with the PUHL app. Merging safety and dependability with cutting-edge technology, PUHL also eliminates wasteful practices that are bad for the environment. Our mission is to make PUHL your go-to tool for help on the road while making the world a better, safer place for us all.


Our passion is to bring people the ultimate peace of mind in automotive travel with the PUHL app, delivering the best of design, security and user friendly experience. By offering convenience and cost savings to both the consumer and service providers, we plan to expand PUHL to all fifty states and eventually the world.

Why use PUHL?

We’ve all been there. Broken down in no-man’s land, at the mercy of some mystery tow truck driver who might as well be in Westeros. With PUHL, help has never been closer. It’s the easiest, fastest and most affordable way to get roadside assistance from someone who is actually in your area. PUHL puts you in control with safe roadside service delivered on your terms and your time.



Safety always rides shotgun:
We set the bar high for our service partner requirements. All PUHL service partners must have active and unencumbered credentials via PUC and DOT agencies. They must maintain verifiable insurance, professional licenses and pass a mandatory criminal background check.

  • Watch help on the way and track your service provider en route to your location. View a live map with ETA and GPS location.
  • See who’s coming and view provider details like photo, name, company and rating.
  • Safely communicate with Twilio as providers are contacted via masked phone number. Providers are never given your phone number and do not have access to your personal information or credit card number.


Roadside rescue you can rely on:
We only work with the best because we know breaking down is the worst. Our easy to use app and reliable service providers make the process pain-free.

  • 5 star review system that keeps service providers accountable for delivering outstanding service.
  • Vetted service providers are trusted and experienced.
  • Access 24/7 service wherever/whenever.
  • Up-front pricing prior to requesting your service means you pay exactly what the estimate says – guaranteed. You don’t pay until your service is complete.


When things take a turn, there’s no time to waste. PUHL gets you help that’s actually nearby, not hours away.

  • Access on-demand assistance 24/7.
  • Auto-locate your precise location via GPS.
  • Request a tow for yourself, a friend, family member or anyone in need by typing the current location.
  • Login with Facebook for quick, easy access when you need it.
  • Enjoy state-of-the-art features with top tech trends that bring you fast, reliable roadside assistance.
  • Stay secure with features like our protected in-app credit card payment processing system and secure communication with Twilio.



You’ve had enough surprises for one day. Pricing shouldn’t be one of them.
Your up-front price is exactly what you’ll pay every time.

  • Always affordable – PUHL drives down the cost of roadside assistance by standardizing pricing.
  • Always local – we research each local market and set competitive pricing according to local standards, eliminating unfair pricing practices.
  • No hidden fees – your up-front estimate is exactly what you pay.
  • Free to download – no membership fees or monthly dues. Only pay for the services you need, when you need them.



Get a quick response. No more waiting around for help for hours, our available service
providers nearest to you will be notified.

  • No more middle man means no more call centers, no more ambiguous ETA timelines and no more random providers.
  • Use the PUHL app for quick and simple roadside assistance
Why use PUHL?

Areas we cover

PUHL is rapidly expanding. We’re currently in the Denver metro area, but will soon be PUHLing in a city near you.

No service in your city?
Drop us a line so we know where we’re needed most.

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PUHL for us

Let your next job
find you.

Connect with nearby customers wherever you are, with no more deadheading back to a waiting spot. Lower fuel consumption and costs by reducing empty miles.

Make more money
in less time.

Complete more jobs by reducing drive time. No need for dispatch service, PUHL uses GPS location to find your next job.

Free membership
for one and all.

There are no membership fees, plus we cover the cost of background checks for every driver you register with PUHL.

Forget those
processing fees.

PUHL pays the fees. You’ll also eliminate marketing and advertising costs. PUHL sends work directly to you.

Get paid quicker with direct deposit.

Get immediate, direct payments to your bank account (we don’t collect, hold or distribute your money).