The PUHL Story

PUHL has reimagined the roadside experience for the person in
distress, the service provider, and even our planet.

Inspired by twenty years of towing experience, the idea for the app was born as a simple solution to a problem plaguing the industry for years – Waste. Wasted time for stranded drivers as they wait for help. Wasted miles for service providers who get the call but are hours away. Not to mention the waste of resources harming the planet. PUHL solves each of these problems and does so with safety, ease and affordability.

PUHL enables people to get the help they need, help that’s actually nearby and not across town, while empowering service providers to make the most of their miles and eliminate wasteful practices.

With fewer miles driven each year by every tow truck using PUHL, this means less emissions, less tires, less oil changes, and less fuel being used. The more people that use PUHL the more we can reduce the harmful environmental impact of traditional roadside service.


By investing in PUHL, you’re embracing an emerging technology with our innovative app that’s revolutionizing the roadside service experience. We’re disrupting the status quo with a complete shift of an antiquated industry. Our decades of experience make us experts in the towing industry, with an experienced management team that’s made up of veteran business owners.

  • We’re embracing emerging technology and harnessing the power.
  • We’re bringing necessary changes to an antiquated industry with the most innovative technology out there.
  • Our decades of operational experience and knowledge in the towing industry make us the experts.
  • Our experienced management team of business owners brings innovation and industry insight.

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Get profits from multiple revenue streams

PUHL has the incredible potential to not only profit from fees paid by each tow across the country, but also from multiple streams of revenue, including advertising dollars from mechanics, dealerships, body shops, manufacturers, insurance companies, rental car companies, hotels, etc.

Invest in an industry revolution

PUHL is the future of the Towing Industry, a true paradigm shift that’s been needed for years.

Make money while helping the planet

PUHL brings you profit while helping the planet by reducing the impact of the towing industry on the environment. Currently, tow trucks are being driven “empty” around 80-85% of the time, expelling emissions. By joining PUHL they will be loaded 80-85% of the time. Our GPS technology minimizes the overall mileage they drive each year and significantly reduces emissions anywhere it’s implemented.

Enjoy a partnership with endless potential

PUHL is rapidly expanding. Our intent is to move forward with globalizing our model in the towing industry and introducing it into additional industries.